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What is nutrigenomic testing and how can it help?

Nutrigenomics is the study of how nutrition and lifestyle factors influence our genetic predispositions. Understanding how we can best support or suppress unique genetic characteristics allows us to optimize health and increase quality of life.

Using nutrigenomic testing as a foundational tool gives insight into the root cause of why your body could be experiencing certain symptoms.

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Nutrigenomic testing can be beneficial for identifying root causes of health issues including:


Thyroid Imbalance


Gastrointestinal Dysfunction


Autoimmune disorders


Depression Anxiety




Difficulty with weight loss





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Testimonials from happy clients:

From my tests we learned that I needed to support my GAD1 gene- I began the protocol and I now sleep better than I have in years. I am less stressed and no longer physically stuck in fight or flight. I notice my reactions to high stimulation, intense situations are calm. This nutrigenomic testing is high quality and it works. I’m so thankful to have this genetic information. I now am looking into testing my children and getting them similar support!

Working with Rian and getting nutrigenomic testing done was the best decision I’ve ever made for my health. I was mostly bed-bound when I started and now I’m POTS free after a short time on the protocol! I even went hiking this month! I feel confident that I have the “roadmap” for my body to prevent future health problems and deal with my current ones at the root.

My experience with nutrigenomic testing has been wonderful. The testing process was easy and Rian carefully and thoughtfully explained the results a few days later. From there, goals were formed and I began the supplements. I saw improvement in symptoms within days. 3 months in, I am still seeing improvement. But what has been remarkable is that the supplements are easy to take and honestly ... they work.

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