90 Minute 1 on 1 Consultation

After completing the test kit process we can engage in our 90 minute consultation. Appointment includes: Introduction to genomics, Wellness Evaluation, Existing Testing,  Overview of Recommendations.

Single Appointment: $399

What’s Included?

  • Introduction
  • Medical Review
  • Existing Testing Overview

This appointment is ideal if you:

  • Already have test results, or other information you would like to review.
  • Do not need on-going guidance.
  • Would like more info on the benefits of nutrigenomics but aren’t ready to commit to a series of appointments.

Need Something More?

Concierge Nutrigenomic Guidance- 4 appointment package:


First Appointment

Medical History Review, Initial evaluation, Detailed symptom outline, Order test kits

Second Appointment

Nutrigenomics Report Review, Detailed review of your test results (90 min)

Third Appointment

Game Plan, Suggestions based on findings, Product education, Lifestyle modifications

Fourth Appointment

Next Steps, Comprehensive organization , Physician outreach
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