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Rian Overcash

Owner of Habit Method Health
Certified nutrigenomic counselor

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Patricia Gonzales

Nutrigenomic Counselor

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John Gonzales

Physician’s Assistant
Nutrigenomic Counselor

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Rian Overcash, Owner

My clients refer to me as a medical sherpa, or a guide to help them navigate healthy path forward. I am sympathetic to client’s frustration after my own decade-long struggle with an autoimmune disease.

After 37 practitioners, years of trying traditional medicine, holistic therapies, and alternative protocols,  I was exhausted. The wasted time, energy, and money, and lack of improvement left me  feeling hopeless. 

Genomics can provide a foundation for optimizing your health


Genetic TESTING combined with insightful interpretations, gave me the keys to a strategy that led to remission. Following a protocol designed from my unique genetic profile left me feeling better than I could have imagined. Finally, I gained traction and began to feel like myself again. However, I learned it was possible to continue improving on my health by using my genetics as a guideline.

I continue to use my genetic report to optimize my health beyond what I thought was previously possible.  If you are interested in learning more about the tools and knowledge that led me to remission I would love to guide you on your journey to wellness.

How does genomic testing work? It’s easy!

  • Test at home, with a simple cheek swab
  • No painful needles, blood draw, or lab required
  • Return by mail
  • Results delivered in private patient portal
  • Test at any age

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